Monday, 13 February 2012

First Meeting

Today we had our first meeting with 8 enthusiastic second years.

We discussed the general outline of James the Elephant and described the tasks required of our cohorts. We went over character designs, background designs, plot features and timing issues.

We are going to set up a workshop for second years, and any one interested, showing how to use the advanced animation, 3D tools in Toon Boom Animate Pro. This will occur on Monday 20th Feb at 2pm in H105.

As a result of the the meeting everyone involved is to create designs for their favourite characters. We will then pick and mix designs and create a look the whole team can work with, and us as producers like, and begin developing the characters to fit the style.

The James the Elephant song should be recorded on Friday 17th Feb, we will email any one and everyone soon in hope that people wish to come along and sing.

All Staffs uni students interested in Toon Booms 3D tools come take a look on Monday from 2pm, but beware there will be a first come basis on access to computers and the fact we will need computers for people specifically working on our project.
Favouritism for the win!

Note of the Day: Biros are fun to write with.

Love from
Nathan and Oliver


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